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With One Simple Place to Look Back at Everything

LeafOut's mission is to help give you the benefits of journaling while making it
easier to get started — and harder to "get out of the habit."

Here's how we help:

Sync to Social Networks

Journaling, even when you have no time to write — Sync your posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to easily create rich snapshots of your day.

Elaborate Search

Understand your life more with advanced searching — for example, filter your entries to see everything from happy, sunny days with your kids.

Daily Gratitude

Once a day, get reminded of a random day — Think back on the day, reconnect with old friends, and express gratitude 365 days of the year.

What kind of benefits do you get from journaling?

Keeping a journal regularly gives you time to reflect on your life in a way that creates several unique benefits.

Journaling helps you:

And researchers keep discovering new benefits all the time.

But so many successful people throughout history, and probably your grandparents too, left boxes of journals for at least one other reason.

They all knew that…

“Sometimes, the days just kind of blend together”

We graduate from college, get a job, maybe start a family, and somehow entire months click by like days without anything that really stands out.

You may be thinking, “Doesn’t that mean I probably don’t have anything interesting to write about?”

But that’s just the thing. It’s the small, ordinary things that happen in our lives that can show us so much about who we are.

You may not ever forget the big events in your life, but it’s actually all the little details in your daily life that makes your life so meaningful. And unfortunately, it’s the little things that are usually forgotten so easily.

Things like:

These are the kind of daily happenings you risk losing if you don’t have a way to look back.

Actually, try something for me real quick.

If you’ve kept a diary or journal at some point, dig it out and see how much you’ve forgotten.

If you’re like most people, you probably realized just how much you forgot, but also how valuable it was to go back and be reminded.

And that's the real benefit of keeping a journal, but...

... There's one big problem with journaling, though.

It can be a very hard habit to stick with.

Even though we know all of these benefits, starting a journal can be tough, and maintaining one for years is something few people actually seem to achieve.

For example, I know a girl, Jessica, who kept a journal everyday in college. But after college, she met a guy, they bought a house together, started having kids, and she realized years later how long it had actually been since she kept a journal. She was telling me how much she wished she had found the time to keep writing during those special years. She's struggling to get back in the habit now.

Many of us write when we're younger, but life "gets busy," and it's so easy to get out of the habit.

How Can We Make Journaling an Easier Habit to Stick With?

Changing our behavior can be a tricky game. So for LeafOut, we looked for a way to let our current behaviors help us look back on our lives.

In our modern world, any down time we may have has become an easy chance to see what our friends or family are up to, or to update them with what we’re doing. We have any number of social networks to choose from to accomplish this.

What if we could choose to sync with the social networks we want, and put them on a single timeline?

Include the ability to write your own entries with photos and videos that only you can see, and you’ve got an incredibly easy way to look back on all the little details of your life that make it special.

This is exactly what LeafOut does.

And even if you don't really use social media much, LeafOut is still a great way to 'micro-journal' as you go throughout your day.

We even send you daily reminders to be grateful by showing you a random day in your past.

Keeping a journal can be a lot of work, and when you get out of the habit, it's even harder to get back into it. By syncing with social networks you choose, and making new entries simple, LeafOut makes sure you always have a simple place to look back, even if you don't have time to write as much as you'd like.

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